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Life is hard... then we go to work.

Watch this video to see how owners and employees are enjoying the benefits of having a corporate chaplain in the workplace.

Listen to this objective Wisconsin Public Radio interview about workplace chaplaincy:

Diane Hanson

Diane talks about why she serves as a corporate chaplain...

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Diane Hanson Serving with Capital Chaplains

Mickey Best

Mickey Best has been serving as a corporate chaplain for several years....

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Mickey Best Serving with Capital Chaplains

Karen Miller

Karen reminds us of the importance of confidentiality in the chaplaincy program...

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Karen Miller Office Manager at A&J Specialty Services


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What the chaplaincy program does is it gives a safe place for people to think through and process with a trusted friend, those issues that they're bringing to work, in a healthy and constructive way.
Chuck Hohnbaum Chief of Staff, InterVarsity
In terms of the value to a business owner, corporate chaplaincy really is a good value. I get feedback from employees and managers that the chaplain was a real help in someone's crises.
Mike Coyle Owner, Coyle Carpet

About us

Our mission is to provide help and hope to company owners, managers, and employees by building relationships and serving through a Chaplain Assistance Program.

The tangible benefits of corporate chaplaincy are numerous: from improved attitudes, cooperation, and performance to increased loyalty and commitment to the job. Decreases in anxiety and stress coupled with greater company loyalty all result in a lower turnover rate and higher productivity which have a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

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