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Chaplaincy Service Options

1.  Traditional Chaplaincy Service

Weekly work-site visits by one or more Chaplains.

• Chaplains are available 24/7/365 for emergencies. Chaplain attends numerous client company functions per year.

• Relationship with Chaplains:  Excellent.  Typically all employees develop a good relationship with the Chaplains due to consistent visits.

Recommended client type:  Clients who are in a flexible working environment where Chaplains can make rounds and appropiately engage employees.

2.  Chaplaincy Tailor Fit

• Chaplaincy program is tailored to a specific company.  Can be a combination of the following: a varied number of work-site visits, email/phone contact with each employee, appointments with employees in business office or outside location, newsletter, training, attendance at staff meetings, office gatherings/parties etc. At a minimum, chaplains will make at least monthly contact with each employee either through a work site visit, email or phone call.

• Chaplains are available 24/7/365 for emergencies.

• Relationship with Chaplains:  Very good.  Typically 40 to 80 percent of all employees develop a good working relationship with the Chaplains.

Recommended client type:  Organizations with employees who typically work on a tight schedule, function best by appointment, or have diverse work sites.

3.  Chaplaincy Employee Assistance Program

• Chaplains are available 24/7/365 for emergency situations, Chaplains attend one or two company functions per year.  Includes initial orientation and quarterly check-ins through email and/or by phone.

• Relationship with Chaplains:  Good, when called upon to serve.  Typically 25 to 40 percent of employees access this service.

We are pleased to provide a price quote after a client needs assessment has been conducted.

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1. 24/7/365 Availability: A chaplain is available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for crisis intervention and emergency situations. Our commitment is to respond by phone within thirty minutes. Chaplain services cover all employees and their immediate family members and are voluntary, confidential and neutral from company operations.

2. Worksite Visits/Rounds: Based upon the employer’s request, chaplains will make brief, weekly, worksite visits in order to get to know employees and offer a moment of encouragement. If an employee has something he/she wants to discuss with the chaplain, it may be mentioned at that time. Depending on the nature and urgency of the employee need, the chaplain will coordinate a place and time for a follow-up meeting. This may be on a break, at lunch, by e-mail, or by phone.

3. Chaplain Visits: At the employee’s invitation, chaplains will make hospital, family home, nursing home, funeral home, and/or other neutral site visits when appropriate.

4. Chaplain Services: Chaplains care for the employee, as well as immediate family members. Such care includes discussions concerning, but not restricted to: marriage, divorce and remarriage, serious illness, death, grief recovery, child-rearing, and care of aging parents. Other personal issues that may be discussed could include the effects of AIDS and HIV-related illnesses; drug and alcohol dependency; fears related to national, state, and local terrorist activity; financial and budgeting matters; psychiatric problems; serious illness; spousal and child abuse; and stress management.

5. Referral Services: Chaplains will recommend and arrange professional services (i.e. mental and physical health professionals) for employees and/or immediate family members as deemed appropriate. Individuals may be referred to a spiritual mentor if requested by the employee or family member. A chaplain will also link employees or their family/household members to the necessary community services (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.), as well as connect the employee with the company’s Employee Assistance Program if appropriate.

6. Wedding Services: Upon request, a chaplain will assist in the preparation, preside at the service itself, and/or attend the wedding of an employee or the immediate family/household member of an employee. Pre-marital conversations, as well as follow-up services, are also available to the couple.

7. Special Services: Chaplains will provide public prayer or inspirational remarks for ceremonies or special events as requested (e.g. a time of crises or tragedy, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Memorial Day, company anniversary, picnic, etc.).  They will also provide critical incident debriefing and assistance following accidents or incidents of violence.

8. Incarceration Services: Chaplains will visit employees and their immediate family members who may be in prison. Both the family and the individual will be provided emotional encouragement, assistance with issues of separation, and aid transitioning back into the mainstream of society.

9. End of Life Services: Chaplains are available to serve on a death notification team. Upon request, they will assist in the planning, participate in the service, and/or perform on-site memorial services for employees or immediate family members. Follow-up support and discussions regarding coping with and walking through times of grieving are also available.

10. Resource Services: Chaplains will provide books or other written material as requested by employees.

11. Management and Employee Services: Chaplains will assist supervisors with attraction and retention problems, conflict resolution, dispute resolution, mediation, and personnel related arbitration regarding employees; and they are also available to assist with the smooth transition of laid off or terminated employees and provide owner/manager coaching and consulting when requested.

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